Baobei Foundation


Wagas supports Baobei Foundation because it is an amazing cause – providing life-saving surgeries to orphans born with neurological or gastrointestinal birth defects.

We know their work first-hand. We have met many of these little babies (baobeis) and worked with the founders – Ann, Carol, Ting Ting and Kelly- and their big-hearted team for a few years. We have also met Dr. Bao, the primary neurosurgeon at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center who avails his services in support of the foundation. We have met some of the amazing healing home families, and families who have adopted a Baobei baby.

Below is a message from Jackie Yun, the Managing Partner of Wagas:

In my personal experience, you only need to take an hour of your time to meet a pre-op baobei. Then take another hour to go visit and eat cupcakes with some of the healthy, older post-op baobeis. You will see with your own eyes that whatever itty bitty support you give – will truly be a life-changing gift. We have contributed over 1 million RMB to Baobei and we feel proud.