We welcome new and existing customers to join Wagas Reward Program on WeChat. It is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers.


Wagas Reward Program has an evolving list of seasonal rewards that can only be enjoyed by members.

  • To register, simply scan our WeChat public account QR code and follow us (Wagas沃歌斯). Click 会员奖励 (Membership) on the menu bar and a sign-up form will pop up for you to fill in the details.
  • To earn points* – order, scan 我的虚拟卡 (My Virtual Card) and pay.
  • To spend points* – download e-coupon in 会员专享 (Member Rewards) first using Pin Code, order, scan e-coupon and pay.


*Terms & Conditions apply. For full Wagas Reward Program Terms & Conditions, please visit www.wagas.com.cn/wrp-terms-and-conditions.