Wagas Reward Program Goes National!


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Having been officially launched in less than a month, Wagas Reward Program now has close to 20,000 registered members. In the past two weeks, our friends in Shanghai have enjoyed the surprise we bring to them in all Wagas and Baker & Spice stores (Wagas Express excluded). Jolly good things are meant to be shared and spread, hence our announcement here: Wagas Reward Program now goes national on June 18th!

So, what’s so special about our member program? Let us walk you through it (or you can pick up a pamphlet in store, or visit our website www.wagas.com.cn and find out more!)

Register to become a member and your journey with us starts from here. Registration only takes a few minutes. The more you spend, the more rewards you will receive. Details of the member-only rewards are available in “会员奖励 – Member Rewards” column in the bottom-center menu on our WeChat account.



Below are a few terms for your quick reference:

  • ‘My Virtual Card’ – Your unique membership QR code. To earn points, you need to scan it before paying.
  • ‘Member Rewards’ – E-coupons that are available to members only.
  • ‘Profile Updates’ – Resets your Pin Code and updates your contact details.
  • ‘My Points’ – Keeps track of your points and level status.
  • ‘My e-Coupons’ – Stores all the e-coupons that you have downloaded, used and those expired.

You can always pick up a Wagas Reward Program Guide pamphlet on the counter in store and see what this program is all about. Member FAQs can be found in “Contact Us” on WeChat, should you have any further queries about the program.

Wagas Reward Program is divided into three levels based on how much you manage to spend with us. The more you spend, the more member points you accumulate in one year, then the more offers you can enjoy. You automatically become a White Level member when you successfully register and you will have access to all the e-coupons outlined below:


  • Limited-time-only offer – coffee buy 2 get 1 free
  • Any pasta or rice for 45RMB only after 5pm
  • Redeem 150 points for a croissant when buying coffee before 11am
  • Redeem 150 points for a fruit cup when buying coffee before 11am
  • Redeem 200 points for a coffee (regular cup)
  • Redeem 260 points for a slice of selected cakes
  • Redeem 300 points for a glass of house wine
  • Redeem 300 points for a loaf of selected bread after 7pm
  • Redeem 500 points for a juice (M) when ordering any salad/pasta/rice/sandwich after 2pm
  • Redeem 600 points for afternoon tea set for one


Have little clue on how to read and use an e-coupon? See instructions below:


We are still waiting for you to join us! Register now!


*Every member reward e-coupon has its unique terms and conditions. For more details please refer to the e-coupon image and carefully read and understand its outlined usage guidelines.