The Journal 2015 Winter Issue is out!

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The Journal Winter Issue is out!


Our winter issue of The Journal has arrived on the day of Lidong (the date that signifies the beginning of winter in China). In this issue, we share with you the latest trends in healthy eating, the wonderful achievements of our member program (thank you all for the great support) and exotic treats from the Mediterranean. In the section of “Across the Ocean” (p12), we are proud to introduce many of the award-winning new wines and olive oils that have just arrived on our shelves. Our winery interview takes you to the land ‘down under’ to appreciate the art of winemaking even more.

When you walk into any Wagas or Baker & Spice store this winter, why not order a hot coffee, sit back and relax? Flip through The Journal’s pages, let our colourful pictures brighten up your wintry days.

What is The Journal?

The Journal is a free read available for pickup at any Wagas and Baker & Spice store and family restaurants. It is a seasonal newspaper produced with Wagas and mr willis’ joint effort that conveys our passion for food and design to our customers. Not only is it providing seasonal promotions and offers of family brands, but also creating a lifestyle within our community in a minimalistic manner.


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