Follow ‘Wagas沃歌斯’ on WeChat. Click on Membership (会员奖励) on the menu bar and a registration form will pop up. Signing up is super easy and it only takes a few minutes.

Due to language setting limitations of WeChat, WRP home page can only display Chinese characters. Here are the translated key words for your reference:

Stay Connected = 保持联系
Location = 店址
Our Family = 我们的家族品牌
Contact Us = 联系我们
Language = 语言
Membership = 会员奖励
My Virtual Card = 我的虚拟卡
Membr Rewards = 会员专享
Profile Updates = 更新资料
My Points = 我的积分
My e-Coupons = 我的券库
Hot Now = 最新资讯
Store Promotion = 门店优惠
News = 新闻

You can enjoy the benefits of WRP at any participating Wagas or Baker & Spice stores in Mainland China.

WRP Points are awarded to you for every full priced item you purchase in any participating Wagas or Baker & Spice store in Mainland China, earn one point per every RMB spent. Simply scan your unique My Virtual Card (我的虚拟卡) before payment, and the amount of your purchase and points will be recorded under My Points (我的积分). Please note that if the purchase is reversed for any reason, such as because of a dispute or a return of the purchased product, Wagas reserves the right to remove any corresponding points from your WRP Account.

There are two concepts of WRP Points:

– WRP Points for maintaining Membership Level

These points are called Membership Level Points. Upon successful registration, everyone automatically becomes a White Level member. If you earn more than 2,500 (less than 10,001) points within one Account Anniversary (12-month after the date of your first purchase as a registered member), then you will move up to the Orange Level and can straight away enjoy all the relevant Orange Level member benefits until the next Account Anniversary. In order to maintain the Orange Level status, you need to earn more than 2,500 (less than 10,001) additional points in the subsequent Account Anniversaries. If you fail to do so, you will move down to the White Level.

If you earn more than 10,000 points within one Account Anniversary, then you will be promoted to the Black Level and enjoy all Black Level benefits until the next Account Anniversary. In order to maintain the Black Level status, you need to earn more than 10,000 additional points in the subsequent Account Anniversaries. If you fail to do so, you will move down to the Orange Level or the White Level depending on the number of additional points earned.

For example:
2015/4/3, Jackie successfully registers to WRP;
2015/4/9, Jacki’s first transaction in store as a member occurs. This date is Jackie’s Account Anniversary Date;
2015/10/1, Jackie has accumulated more than 10,000 points and she gets a complimentary membership upgrade to Black Level;
2016/4/9, Jackie’s Account Anniversary Review Date – system will look at whether Jackie has earned more than 10,000 additional points in the 12 months prior to Jackie’s Account Anniversary Date. If it is the case, then Jackie gets to keep her Black Level status for one more year;
2016/4/9—2017/4/8, Jackie maintains her Black Level status and enjoys all Black Level member benefits;
2017/4/9, system will again look at the additional points earned in the 12 months prior to Jackie’s Account Anniversary Date. If the additional points are greater than 10,000, then Jackie can keep her Black Level status for another year. If the additional points are less than 10,001, then Jackie moves down from Black Level to either Orange Level (additional points earned greater than 2,500 but less than 10,001) or White Level (additional points earned less than 2,501).

– WRP Points for e-Coupon Redemption

These points are called Current Points. They can be used when you wish to exchange points for member rewards e-coupons. These points expire one year after the date they are earned. These points are redeemed on the basis of FIFO (first-in-first-out).

For example:
John has earned 200 points on 2015/8/15 (this lot of points will expire on 2016/8/15) and 300 points on 2015/9/17 (these points will expire 2016/9/17).

On 2016/2/2, John would like to redeem 260 points for a slice of cake using e-coupon. Assuming there is no point redemption prior, the system will first use up the 200 points earned on 2015/8/15 and then use 60 points from the 300 points he earned on 2015/9/17.

A WRP e-coupon is a member reward that is uploaded to your account virtually to be used within a specified time. Access to the various e-coupons is dependent on your Membership Level. In general, there are two types of e-coupons: one type uses points to redeem a member reward, and the other type is a pure reward that offers a specific member discount or benefit.

Please note that when you download e-coupons, for the ones requiring point redemption, points will be deducted immediately from your account and this action is irreversible. You are solely responsible for making sure that you read relevant coupon usage guidelines before downloading and use coupons before expiry. Points will not be refunded to you if the e-coupons remain unused pass expiry. In general, e-coupons must be used within 30 days after downloading (or before special promotion end date).

For example, Mona receives an e-coupon that allows her to redeem 300 points for a loaf of bread at Baker & Spice. First, Mona could need to make sure she has enough Current Points in her account. Only then she can download this e-coupon using her Pin Code and 300 points would be deducted from her account straight away. When in store, Mona needs to present this e-coupon to staff to scan before receiving her bread.

Another example, Maria receives a limited-time-only e-coupon offer of “buy 2 coffee get 1 free”. This special promotion is only valid for 3 months and can only be downloaded and used for a maximum of 10 times. Maria does not need to redeem any points for this member reward. All she needs to do is download this e-coupon using Pin Code and present it to staff to scan before finishing payment in store.

No, when using e-coupons to purchase, you do not earn points on these products. You can, however, still earn WRP Points on other full-priced items in the same transaction.

Unfortunately this is not possible because e-coupons are non-transferrable. In the near future you can purchase e-gift cards and send it to your friends and family. You earn points when purchasing e-gift cards. Stay up to date with the latest Wagas and Baker & Spice news under News (新闻) or visit for more information.

You can redeem your points on various member rewards using e-coupons. WRP has a constantly evolving list of e-coupons automatically recorded under Member Rewards (会员专享). Different Membership Levels will be entitled to access different e-coupons.

No. Points are earned on full priced items only, earn one point per every RMB spent. Using e-coupons to purchase items will also not earn any points. Wagas may from time to time determine product items as ineligible and you can keep up to date by checking for more information.

Points will be recorded into your account within 24 hours after the purchase. You may check your status under My Points (我的积分).

If you think there may be a discrepancy in your account, please go to and submit the “Claim Missing Points” form online. You should receive a response within 2 working days upon the receipt of your form.

*Please retain all your till receipts. When submitting “Claim Missing Points” form, you need to attach all relevant till receipts as proof of purchase.

Upon registration of a WRP account, you immediately become a White Level member. The more purchases you make at Wagas or Baker & Spice, the more points you earn that will help you reach the next Membership Level. Go to My Points (我的积分) to check your current points status.

Check My Points (我的积分) under Membership (会员奖励) to see your Membership Level, point status and transaction history. Based on your Membership Level, you can download various valid e-coupons in Member Rewards (会员专享). Downloaded e-coupons are stored in My e-Coupons (我的券库).

WRP membership is based on your mobile number/SIM card. If your phone/ SIM Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, simply replace the SIM card and log into your WeChat account. All your information will be saved under Wagas Service Account and you can continue to use your account immediately. Wagas does not take responsibility of any misuse of SIM Cards.

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ section, you can get in touch with us using and we will get back to you within 2 working days upon receipt of your email.

The in store cafe management teams are trained to answer these standard FAQ only. Points are updated in your account within 24 hours. If your issue has not been addressed here, please contact us using We will get back to you within 2 working days upon receipt of your email.

We require birth dates so you can expect a special birthday offer from us (Orange Level and Black Level members only).

Your “My Virtual Card” is your membership card. It is a unique QR Code that is automatically generated after your successful membership registration. In order to earn points, you must scan your “My Virtual Card” every time when you make purchase of full priced items in store.

Of course. When ordering delivery via the phone, please kindly inform our staff your virtual card number. Upon receiving payment for the delivery, Wagas Reward Program points will be added accordingly to your account. If you are to come to our store to pick up your food, please kindly let the cashier scan your virtual card QR code to earn points. If there is any issue, please email for further assistance.

Please note, points can only be earned on deliveries fulfilled by participating Wagas and/or Baker & Spice stores (Wagas Express excluded). Deliveries via third party platforms don’t earn any point right now.


You can reset your Pin Code by yourself via “会员奖励 – Profile Updates”. When resetting, you would need to input your registered Surname, First Name and DOB first. This is to help us verify that you are the rightful account owner. Your account security is our top priority.

If by any chance you can’t recall your registered details, please email (in the email please include your virtual card number, current points and registered mobile number) so that we can speedily retrieve your missing information for you.